Ideas I’d Love To See (Part 3)

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Part 3, readers! Last one as well.


Harry Potter and Twilight are kings of this topic. Very soon, these sagas are ending, leaving more and more in their wake. In my opinion, I don’t think EVERY SINGLE BOOK should be made into a movie. I understand Harry Potter a bit, but I Am Number Four? Flipped? Nope. They should’ve left those alone. Not all books need to be made into movies, and not all movies need to be made from a book.


Have you noticed more book trailers on TV lately? More and more companies are trying different tactics to get books noticed.  Also, authors are creating Twitter and Facebook pages for marketing as well. This is great! As book blogging begins to evolves, authors should try and evolve as well! But here’s a question, what author would you like to have an account on a social networking site?

Well, that’s it for this book discussion. Look for another one comin’ at you soon!

Until we meet again!~ 


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