Review Policy

Well, since this is a YA book blog, I’m obviously going to offer authors and publishers to send that genre to me. I accept hardbacks, paperbacks, and arcs. I’d prefer an actual book, but I will take eBooks as well, but only if I can read it on my PC! My general review time is about a day or two after I finish the book. Sometimes, I’ll review it the same day.

In my review, I also post the title and author, how many pages the book has, the first line (not lines, line!), if it’s apart of a series, and the publisher. I also rate the book, one through five, on five different elements:

  • Cover of the book (If it’s engaging, pretty, etc. etc.)
  • Relationship (How the relationship between the characters is handled)
  • Plot (If the plot is exciting or original)
  • Ending (If the ending was powerful, weak, sad…)
  • Overall (How I overall liked it)

I enjoy the following genres of young adult:

  •  Science Fiction (such as The Hunger Games, Across the Universe, or Delirium)
  •  Dystopia/Post-Apocalypse (such as Divergent or Wither)
  •  Urban Fantasy (such as The Magnolia League, I Am Number Four, Beastly)
  • Paranormal (such as Entwined, Blood Red Road, or Angelfire)
  • LGBT (such as Will Grayson, Will Grayson, or Boy Meets Boy)

But don’t be discouraged by that. You can still send me any type of book, but those types of sub-genres are what I enjoy the most.

Please, when sending a book, if it’s apart of series, please send me the books before it. I’d rather not start in the middle of something, especially if it’s a great story! Or, give me time to find the title(s) before your book.

I look forward to hearing from you guys! Email me here: tandra88 AT comcast DOT net

Last updated: 7/4/11


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