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 Received: Library

# of Pages: 440

Series: Yes; #1

First Line: “The door starts shaking.”

Publisher: HarperCollins

I Am Number Four was amazing. I’m actually not a huge fan of action and adventure, but the synopsis really grabbed me in. I decided to give it a shot I’m glad that I did. I was pleasantly surprised by how great the book came out.

There are nine alien creatures on Earth who escaped from an planet called Lorien.  A race called the Mogadorians who destroyed most of the race. The nine creatures, young kids, have powers called Legacies, which are supposed to help save and get back their race. The book begins with Number Three getting killed somewhere overseas. Four (our main character) knows that Three died because his ankle glows. Henri, his Cepan, immediately packs up and drives to a town named Paradise, Ohio. Four is tried of running, but tries to make the best of the town.

On day one, Four already makes enemies with a boy named Mark, friends with a nerdy looking guy named Sam, and begins to develop feelings for a beautiful girl named Sarah. He also begins to develop his own legacies, starting with glowing hands, resistance to fire, then telekinesis. One day, Sam mentions something about the Mogadorians in a brochure he read named “They Walk Among Us”. Four tells Henri and he does some research about the paper, but gets nothing but where it is printed. Four waits for Henri to come back, but doesn’t. Along with Sam, they drive to Aliens, Ohio to try and save him.

I only detailed one adventure from this book, but there are plenty more than that. Four is developing his Legacies, while also trying to juggle normal teenagehood.  This is another lengthy read. In my opinion, if you’re not like me, the last few chapters should leave you a bit teary eyed, if not crying a bit. Laughs, romance, and as always, a moral. Unfortunetly, we’re waiting on a sequel, but it’s coming about in August! You know, when you begin a new series right before the next one is slated to come out, well, it’s not so long a wait. Too bad we can’t do that for all books!

Plot: 5/5

Relationship: 4/5

Cover: 3/5

Overall: 5/5

I Am Number Four is apart of the Books to Movie Challenge, hosted by Two Bibliomaniacs! As soon as I watch the movie, I’ll make a movie review!

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Received: Library

# of Pages: 398

Series: Yes; #1

First Line: “Daddy said, ‘Let Mom go first.'”

Publisher: Razorbill

Oh. My. Frexing. Goodness. If I could give any more stars to Beth Revis’ Across the Universe, I would. Sci-Fi? Check. Romance? Check. Girl stuck on a space journey for X amount of time, traveling towards a new planet? Check. Amy and her parents signed up for a trip towards a new habitable Earth. Well, her parents really signed up, and Amy wanted to go with her parents. Some engineers cryogenically froze her and she would be awoke in fifty years. At least, that’s what she thought.

Elder is soon to be the next Eldest of the ship Godspeed. Eldest has been training Elder, so that one day, he will be Eldest. Elder is oblivious to the ship’s secrets, and Eldest want to keep it that way. So, when Amy is suddenly unplugged from her frozen slumber, she’s labeled a distraction. Elder, however, believes she is the most amazing thing he’s ever seen. He vows to keep her safe, no matter what.

Amy is horribly upset. She was forcibly woken up, wakes up on a cold, metal ship, filled with…weird people, and she’s not the only person getting woke up. Somebody else is killing random people and it’s up to her to figure out why. But, in order for her to figure out what’s really going on around the ship, she enlists Harley, an amazing painter with a tragic loss, and Elder. Eldest is not pleased. Amy is ruining his ships’ system and will stop her, at all costs.

This book has plenty of mood twisters. I have to say that this is the first time that I almost cried while reading a book. I know it sounds weird, but I’m one of those people who shows very little emotions! Haha. A couple of the scenes in the book will make you gasp, laugh, shout in anger, and more. Now that I think about it, this book seems like an exercise!  This book also has multiple genres all wrapped together beautifully! Romance, mystery, adventure, suspense, are just a few of them. Beautiful read!

Plot: 5/5

Relationship: 4/5

Cover: 6/5

Overall: 5/5

Selected Quotes: 

“And that’s when I realize the most important truth of life on this ship. There is nowhere to run.” ~Amy 

“I will never, never, be the same. I have seen stars. Real stars.” ~ Elder

Heather Terrell’s Fallen Angel was a very good read. Ellie seems like a normal girl, but isn’t. She has weird flashes, in which she can see a person’s past. Ellie desperately tries to hide her abilities, but that plan backfires when she meets a guy names Micheal. In meeting him, she learns way more about herself than she ever knew. Ellie’s also turning into a person she never knew she was. She’s keeping secrets with her best friend Ruth, and both of her loving parents. There’s one thing about Ellie though, she definitely isn’t a normal girl.

Like I said earlier, this book was a very good read. However, I feel that it shouldn’t have been so many chapters. It feels like this story could’ve been easily wrapped up in a good 17 or 20, rather than 47. But, the chapters were at appropriate stops in the story. It edged you on and on until you finished it. I also felt that Ellie and Micheal’s relationship was a bit rushed. Sure, on their first date, Ellie was trying to force herself on him, but, there’s a deeper reason for that. Also, they didn’t even have a second date. They were saying I love yous and other things (I won’t say what, but it’s not…”you know”). It was a cute romance though. Micheal would do anything for Ellie and vice-versa.

If you like angels, romance, and true love, well, you’ll like this. If you don’t like a whole lot of chapters, you won’t.

Plot: 5/5
Relationship: 3/5
Cover: 5/5
Overall: 4/5