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About two days ago, I finished the novel I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. As we all know, there was also a movie made about the book, starring Alex Pettyfer.

Well, there’s a lot to say about this movie, but I have to say that the book is better. The movie seemed interesting and believe me, it delivered that, but I felt it could’ve been better. In the beginning, they show Number Three dying and then Four feeling it. The next scene, he’s on the beach, or shore, or island, or something, and Henri comes to rescue him. After this, Four begins talking a little bit about Lorien and aliens and where they’re headed next.

Now, they get to their new house, when Four sees a dog and decides to take him in. This was great in the movie! In the book, he first sees him at school, and I found that a little confusing, but the movie visualized it better. For some reason, they made Four a little bit cynical and hostile towards Henri, whereas accepting and kinda carefree, if that makes sense.

When Four got his first legacy in the science classroom, it looked…rushed. He stumbled around for about five seconds before racing into the dark room. Four passes out and the next time, you see Henri talking him down, then taking him back home. Really, it could’ve been slowed down a little bit.

One thing that was really amazing and nice was with Number Six. I won’t say what exactly she did, but it involved fire! ­čÖé They introduced her way earlier than the book did, so it made sense when she found Four and it didn’t look like one of the random aliens just found him.

I was disappointed that the chest wasn’t used. AT ALL. You see Henri place it in a safe place, then the next time you see it, it’s in Four’s possession. Obviously, it’s treated as something sacred, but it’s never opened or interacted with.

All in all, it’s a pretty good movie. I wouldn’t go to the movie theater and spend money on the series. I’d rather get it from Redbox or Netflix. The movie could’ve been longer and answered a few of the unexplained questions, but, you’ll enjoy it. It’s actually more of a comedy than an adventure!

Until we meet again~